Thank you Life for everything you grant...

Naming a project is like determining the destiny of it; it would be hard to decide..

While designing our new project, we saw that similar statements articulated by all those who look at the unique view seen from every aspect of its location; “life would be lived here” said all our visitors…
Therefore, we have thought that “La Vida” which means “life” in Spanish would be the best suitable name for our project because Demir La Vida will be a living space where you can find all together required for living a good life…
Demir La Vida is quite specially located against the Lake Buyukcekmece and the Sea of Marmara with its fresh air and clear view.
Demir La Vida offers the best sunset in Istanbul on 365 days a year.
In the smart home system to be implemented in Demir La Vida, all lighting, heating-cooling, curtain, alarm, and sound systems can be controlled using the touch screen smart home menu, and a high-level energy saving can be made, while all necessary services required for your living including daily housekeeping services, SPA, valet, taxi, plumber, and health services, etc. will be at your hand at all hours of the day.
Started to be constructed on April 2014, Demir La Vida will be completed in 2016.
Demir La Vida consists of 449 residences and 39 business units within a construction area of 110.000 bin m².
With its apartment options ranging from 1+1 to 4.5+1, the project was designed to meet the requirements of different lifestyles.
In addition to the residence units, the project includes sport, health, and shopping facilities equipped with the cutting-edge technology as well as recreation and business units that will meet all requirements.
In Demir La Vida, the green areas are specially emphasized. Demir La Vida residents will not feel the longing for green felt by the modern people tired of the urban life because the project has a total green area of 30 thousand m2. In the project where one find comfort, peace, and security together, its unique landscape architecture, the decorative bridges over the pools, waterfalls, and walking tracks are all delicately designed to make the site residents happier.